Diversity Awareness Certificate

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May 17, 2016 : Religion in the Workplace

Diversity is a naturally occurring phenomenon which has a significant impact on social behavior – whether it be in an effort to suppress, tolerate or to somehow evolve through differences. In firms and other organizations, diversity is an undeniable reality not only in the workforce, but also in the supply chain, in current and emerging markets, and other future resources. For many firms, diversity has become a key driving force for innovation. In the current social, economic and political climate, it is important for students and managers to understand and to have ideas on how to deal with diversity issues and challenges.

Since 2015, ESSEC students can qualify for the Diversity Awareness Certificate (DAC) by participating in Diversity Awareness Events organized by the Leadership and Diversity Chair and CEMAS (Center of Excellence for Management and Society) in collaboration with ESSEC student associations and CSR@ESSEC Working Groups.

The DAC certifies that you have acquired a basic knowledge of and have developed a critical understanding concerning the importance of diversity issues in the workplace through your participation in multiple diversity events. The DAC is validated by taking an on-line questionnaire.

The Diversity Awareness Certificate is organised around the following diversity events: 

In order to qualify to take the on-line questionnaire so as to obtain the Diversity Awareness Certificate, students need to:
In order to qualify for the Diversity Awareness Certificate, students need to obtain a minimum of 80% correct responses on the on-line questionnaire.

The Diversity Awareness Program & Certificate are proposed by the Leadership and Diversity Chair [More information]

and CSR@ESSECmembers of the Center of Excellence for Management & Society (CEMAS) [More information]

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